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Status: Rejected
Game Server: Arma 3
Player ID: 76561198089363145
Date and Time of ban: 14 December 2013 - 08:35 PM
What you did to be banned: An insubordinate squad member (no longer part of our group) caused me to be banned, along with himself, because he did not know when or how to control his big mouth.
Why should we consider unbanning you: The Admin's argument was unfounded and unjust, stating that we were in violation of Australian Commonwealth laws.
WO1 RussJen, 2iC, Arma 3 [SAS]


You not only were using a official ADF emblem as your XML image (which is an offence under the Defence Act 1903 Section 83, but your attitude was unacceptable.

From what YOU, not your mate said on voice comms: RussJen: "Oh no not a commonwealth offence. You must be a pack of sore losers."

So, it was not your mate, but you who demonstrated the attitude. In addition to the above, you were in breach of server rule (No flying of aircraft unless in our TS server) which is a popup visible to ALL who enter our servers. You were warned, and ignored the warning.

Use of OCB servers is a privilege, not a right, a privilege that we extend to all until they have given us cause to withdraw that privilege; which is exactly what I have done in this instance.

Appeal denied. Ban to remain.
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