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Ragnar Lothbrok

Ragnar Lothbrok

Status: Open
Game Server: Arma 3
Player ID: 76561198039695482
Date and Time of ban: 22 June 2016 - 09:44 AM
What you did to be banned: No idea, some kid called Valour came on the server dribbling some shit about a base being destroyed.

There was three other people on when I joined, they all left so might of been one of them.

Why should we consider unbanning you: To be honest if this is the way you run a server by banning people without any facts I don't want to be unbanned. I have been an admin of servers in the past so I know full well how to act on other peoples servers.


23 Jun 2016 06:05 PM

Hi Ragnar,


thank you for joining us on our forums and submitting a ban review.


This request in currently being reviewed by our HQ staff and we will answer you shortly.

for the record the "some kid called Valour" is one of our HQ staff members, I can assure you that Valour is not just "some kid"  

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Thanks for the kinds words Ragnar,


As per the BAN report I submitted immediately after the ban was placed, you were reported by a trusted regular public player for destroying base assets.   I entered the server and saw destroyed vehicles.


When I gave you a warning (because I was just going to leave it at that), you said words to the effect, "whatever son."  I was not dribbling shit, I gave you a warning and you decided to be a dickhead about it, so you wore a ban instead.


You say you know how to act on other people's servers, well it's clear you do not.   You say you don't want to be unbanned, then why the ban review request?  Don't worry, we'll comply with your wishes, your ban will remain, now and forever in place.


Go and ruin some one else's game dickhead.

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What an arse hat!
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25 Sep 2016 04:37 PM
This cocksucker used to be a member. Was in here reading his ban request. Lolability was his game name.
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