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Status: Open
Game Server: Arma 3
Player ID: 76561198080365780
Date and Time of ban: 17 August 2016 - 12:00 AM
What you did to be banned: It says the amount of character is too long. Add me on steam (Queue) or skype (deathman5339)(old account) and i will explain it there.
Why should we consider unbanning you: I was never told why i was banned or for how long. i would be willing to accept this punishment if i knew why i was banned and for how long.


Does running over other players on a quad bike sound familiar?  It is in a clear breach of our server rules.  If you did not know the rules, that is your fault, not ours.


I don't know of any server run by a decent community that would allow that kind of behaviour in their servers.   You can take some time away from our servers for your actions.

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18 Aug 2016 06:56 AM

You know exactly why you had your arse removed from the server.  It does not need to be explained to you.


We will review this ban, however I insist that 5 years would be a sufficient length of time that this ban is to remain, Maybe then you will have matured enough to be a part of this community and a role model for other players on our servers.

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If there isnt enough characters, i would suggest the story you are trying to soin is far to elaborate for what actually occured. You acted like a dick, was caught out and got banned.
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We'll lift this ban next week sometime.  Hopefully by then you would have removed your head from your backside.


It is NOT ok to team kill, regardless of whether you shoot someone or run them over.   Consider yourself lucky we are being lenient and making this a ban for only one week.

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09 Sep 2016 08:22 AM

Ban removed from ts and server


TS ID Yk0/011NQDXIYDCbwbtae5XIW0c= 

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