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Status: Rejected
Game Server:
Player ID: 16926022
Date and Time of ban: 01 May 2012 - 09:30 PM
What you did to be banned: Well on the day of the ban I was playing on the server with my brother and he made me crash a helicopter that had 2 people on it. I didn't mean to crash that heli but my brother distracted me.
Why should we consider unbanning you: Well for a start it was my brother fault for crashing the helicopter and i have been banned for about 3 months now (I think)


Name rings a bell, can't find ban report though. From what I remember he is a douche, and in my line of work you don't generally remember people that aren't tards! Weak explanation too.
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Sounds like a 12 year old.
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applied to me directly via pm in which i directed him here. meh.
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"My brother made me do it." Seriously, it's the oldest excuse that idiots give for their server behaviour.

He can stay banned.
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