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Status: Open
Game Server: Arma 3
Player ID: 76561198020016100
Date and Time of ban: 20 July 2016 - 10:20 PM
What you did to be banned: first ever game of arma 3 online and i was asking everyone if i could help out with what they were doing. i was told to stop flying unless i was on the teamspeak server. before i had a chance to reply that i would DL teamspeak i was banned
Why should we consider unbanning you: first offense. literally my first game online in arma 3.....




Whilst we are welcoming of new players, our community, just like many others, have rules.  The NO TS NO FLY rule was posted in the server BEFORE you boarded the chopper that I was standing near.   So, it was clear you were aware of the rule.


Then, for what ever reason, you decided to board the chopper anyway, fly it and then decided to CRASH it into the middle of the runway.


Because you are new, I will remove the ban.  Please take time to review our server rules, and please ensure that you abide by them.


The ban will be removed tomorrow.

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21 Jul 2016 06:30 AM

These ban review requests are getting boring.  


"1st game of arma"  "brother was using my account" "power failure right as I was flying over the base" etc etc 


I find this excuse ticks all the boxes....lame, dull and boring.  

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Your player ID as specified 76561198020016100 is not on our ban list.   Please check the ID number.

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21 Jul 2016 06:34 PM



steam ID is correct, checking logs, can't see where\if he was banned

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