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Online Combat Battalion



The Online Combat Battalion (OCB) was started on 3 June 2009

On starting OCB, the intention was to create a gaming unit that would be the leader in the games in which it was involved. With this in mind, before creating OCB, Standard Procedures were written for operations, administration and structure. The moto: Nos Vereor Haud Hostilis (We fear no enemy) was decided upon to reflect the spirit of the clan, and the attributes of honour, integrity, mateship and loyalty were written in as virtues that would direct the activities of the unit.

Our early success was due to the way the server was monitored by admins, and by the way we played the game. This seemed to attract the lion share of players in Australia and New Zealand. During our first few months of operations recruiting enquiries came in a constant stream our OCB member numbers climbed from 10 in our first month to over 80. In our first year of operation over 300 players had applied to join, with only 30% of applicants being successful. OCB Arma 2 operations have gone from general play in Vanilla Arma 2, to the MOST immersive tactical mission experience you can have in the game. This was made possible by the experience in mission making, and military tactical operations that our members possess.

By mid 2010, we had become firmly established as the largest and most active Arma clan in the southern hemisphere with two Arma servers being the highest ranked and most used. We continue to be a very active community, with the most professional and expert people to support operations, technical matters, command and control and administration. Our members are our strength and without the dedication and hard work of these people OCB would not be what it is now.

We have for the majority of our years in operation been an Arma unit; this continues, however our members do play other games and we occasionally operate servers for other games.

Due to the structure of OCB, many of our members are current or former members of the Australian or New Zealand defence forces, some of whom have operational combat experience. These members currently include Officers, Senior and Junior Non Commissioned Officers and other ranks of the Royal Australian Navy, The Australian Army (regular and reserve) and the Royal Australian Air Force. We continue to attract these members because of how we function.

Membership is open to mature minded players who are serious about having fun online and playing the games we like, the way they were intended to be played.

OCB has moved from a semi strict structure, to a more open and relaxed group. If you enjoy the company of other like minded gamers who are seriously good at team work, consider joining the unit.